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Make sure you typed your email address and password correctly in the login fields. Note that passwords are case sensitive. For example, "Password" and "passWord" are different. Make sure you did or did not capitalize your password inadvertently.

We ask for your email address in order to log into our website, but no other personal information is required. If you're a teacher, only your email address is collected, and your students get an anonymous student login. Note that you have to provide other personal information to Paypal, our online payment services provider, when subscribing.

No. We keep your information safely with us.


Just go to our Get a Membership Page and read the instructions carefully. A minimum of 6 months subscription is required (one semester).

On the PAYPAL transaction page, once you have paid, you are presented with a confirmation window containing a link that reads "Return to Merchant." Click on that link for instructions to log into as a Member for the first time or as a Member with a renewed membership.

A membership gives you unlimited access to all of our digital content: the role-playing game, the mini-games, the lessons, and the educational material including flashcards, vocabulary lists, eBooks, and goodies.

Yes, you can! Head over to for free samples of our Chinese curriculum or for free samples of our English curriculum.

LittleNex Digital Studio Corp. is the owner of and All products purchased at either sites are processed via LittleNex's store. That is why the email you receive with the purchased product in attachment comes from LittleNex. is our members-only site. In addition to the material and resources presented at and, the members-only site offers an interactive one-player role-playing game linked to the Chinese and English curriculums, a set of language courses including lessons, exercises, activities, and quizzes.

The Membership gives access to all digital content served by LittleNex DSC. All printed material distributed by our partners such as Amazon or CreateSpace for books or board games must be individually purchased on their respective websites.

A minimum of six (6) months subscription is required, to be paid upfront. Membership fees are non-refundable. Your membership is NOT automatically renewed and will be deactivated after 6 months. You need to subscribe again once it has expired should you wish to continue your membership with us. Please make sure to type in the same email address as before in order to reactivate your previous membership.

Teachers & Schools

Teachers with a membership with us can request a student login with restricted access. The students will not have access to the Teacher's Corner, nor to the answers to the role-playing game's riddles for example.

If you are a school or institution and do not wish to get a membership, please contact us directly to discuss possible discounts to purchase items individually.

Yes! Teachers with a membership with us can request a free student login with restricted access.

As long as you hold a membership in good standing with us, you can use our content and games to teach your students. No license is necessary. We do ask however that you do not share or distribute your logins or our content outside of your class.

Please do not share or distribute your logins or our content outside of your class.

You may head over to LittleNex for Schools for more information.

The Chronicles

The Chronicles of LittleNex is a one-player role-playing game with multiple scenarios all linked to the English and Chinese curriculums. Learn as you explore the World of LittleNex, review your lessons to unlock mysteries and carry out missions, and play mini-games to gain more points in strength or wisdom! Chat safely with in-game characters using pre-defined sentences which you select from a list.

The Chronicles of LittleNex is an adventure puzzle game in seek-and-find mode. Explore by clicking on locations. Interact with specific objects by clicking or dragging them. You are part of the story as a long-awaited visitor rediscovering places you've been before. You have friends, foes, and anything in-between. Every corner of the World can hide a useful clue that helps to reveal the backstory of the game's characters. But beware, the story also goes on as you retrieve your past.

Know your idioms, grammar and vocabulary if you wish to solve the riddles and play the mini-games! Exit the world and review your lessons if you fail to do so, there's always a path to knowledge. Collect a set of tools, get rewards, find unexpected treasures. Get hold of your inheritance, find out who your friends are, and more importantly who your foes are.

Chat safely with in-game characters using pre-defined sentences which you select from a list.

Your Maps and your Journal will update by themselves as you progress in the story. Your Maps follows your explorations, your Journal keeps track of your discoveries.

Your Bag lets you see what you have collected so far, and shows you how many plux you have earned.

Your Aura gives you a clear view of your different statistics such as Strength or Wisdom.

The Chronicles of LittleNex is still in beta. Please report any bug or issue you may encounter during gameplay by contacting us, we warmly appreciate it!

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