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Coming Soon in Chinese
A wallpaper explaining the evolution of the word MOON in Chinese.

Coming Soon in English
A game about MAKE and DO. When to use them, in what expressions, all wrapped up in a nice Russian story.

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I am happy to continue recommending the LittleNex site to my students and their parents.Ann Light, the International School of Beijing (China)
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You will find here grammar lessons, language learning games and other educational content such as online and printable flashcards, bilingual ebooks, and vocabulary guides for Advanced English as a Second Language and Mandarin Chinese from beginner to advanced levels.

Over 90 teachers in 16+ countries have used LittleNex to teach Chinese or English as a Second Language.

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“By far the most efficient tool for learning Chinese radicals ever.”Ian Perry, Chinese teacher in Australia.

“The graphics are great and it is a very effective way to learn Chinese radicals.”Denni Schnapp, Chinese learner in China.

Ancient Code Chinese Radicals Game

The Game for Learning Chinese Radicals
Acclaimed by many schools as the best games out there for learning Chinese radicals, the Ancient Code games help you memorize the complete list of the Kangxi Chinese radicals.

Chinese Radicals Matter
Chinese radicals serve as the basis for most Chinese dictionaries. Learn their meaning and memorize more easily any Chinese character.

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Ancient Code set of 4
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Other Resources to Learn Chinese Radicals

Read Harry Potter in Chinese!

“I believe that this extracurricular reading of the Harry Potter novels will bring on my Mandarin in leaps and bounds.”William Shaw, a Member.

Read Harry Potter in Chinese

Overcome the Challenge of Reading Chinese
Check out our unique Harry Potter Chinese Vocabulary Guide and start reading in Chinese!

Online Vocabulary Guides
Our online vocabulary guides cover more books of the Harry Potter series. Free excerpts of the Chinese version of the books are provided for you to try out this method.

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Other Resources to Read Chinese

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